We deliver to over 20,000 citizens and pupils annually a broad range of educational activities: Marine exploration programs for schools, field tours, lectures about the man-made challenges the ocean face and workshops focused on blue innovation, climate change and sustainability. The activities invite you to understand, touch, smell and feel the ocean. They are customized for a broad range of age groups and to all sectors of Israeli society.

‘Coasts’ educational program for Elementary and Middle schools

'Coasts' exposes the pupils to the wonders of the ocean, by hands-on experience, in a series of study days in schools and a highlight day at the beach

‘Drifting with the currents’ - Educational programs for Middle schools

‘Micro-ocean’ and ‘Ocean drifters’ are innovative programs which connect the pupils to the exiting field of 'Blue Growth'.

'Discovering the Sea’ Marine and Coastal field tours

Field Tours exposing the fascinating characteristics of the Israeli coastline and the challenges it confronts.

'Marine researches’ Ecotope and field activities

ECOTOPE and scientific field workshops for high school pupils taking Biology and Environmental studies at graduate level.

Away days and volunteer activities with EcoOcean

Express corporate responsibility and civil engagement with the marine and coastal environment in Israel.

Teachers continuing learning and enrichment workshops

Workshops focused on the characteristic of the marine environment and how anthropogenic stressors impact its existence.

'Young reporters for the Environment’

An international program that encourages the pupils to explore environmental problems in their own vicinity, suggest solutions and report them.

'Windows to the Sea’ Lectures and workshops

Lectures on the global and Israeli fascinating marine environment and the challenges  they face.

Educational activities for the informal education

An exciting range of field tours, workshops and exploration activities adjusted to home learners and informal education