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We are a dedicated team of ocean lovers. But only together with our volunteers we can make a significant difference.

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Volunteer Communities

The National Network of Sea Emergency Volunteers

EcoOcean is leading the establishment and operation of the first national network of volunteers in Israel for the treatment of marine pollution from oil and its products. The core mission of the network is to increase the preparedness capabilities of Israel's coastal municipalities for treating marine oil pollution.
The volunteer component is recognized worldwide as a critical factor in preparation and response plans to events of sea and coastal pollution from oil and its products. Volunteers function as a 'power multiplier' with professional capabilities to manage an oil pollution incident and help prevent its devastating effects on both humans and the marine and coastal environment.

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Yam HaSharon volunteer community - The Mediterranean people

The Yam HaSharon community is led by EcoOcean and is part of the 'Mediterranean People' coalition. The Coalition is a national network consisting of 5 communities along the Israeli coast, all of which are united in their desire to establish marine reserves in Israel's territorial waters. Members of these communities are surfers, divers, swimmers, sea and environment lovers and many others. EcoOcean is leading the campaign to declare the Yam Poleg as Marine Protected Area (MPA). A dense area subject to many human pressures. Our activists, just like marine biologists, qualify under our guidance in gathering scientific information and monitoring the marine and coastal environment. By providing high standard citizen science, they help marine scientists to better understand what needs to be conserved, through marine protected areas (MPA's).

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Volunteers - the business community

The problem of marine pollution has become a serious global problem in the last decade affecting each of us. Thousands of volunteers from the business community in Israel participate in cleaning our beaches and collect dozens of tons of waste from the beaches. The purpose of the clean-up operations we lead is to raise awareness to marine pollution of all kinds, and especially the harmful use of disposable plastic, which finds its way into the sea. We deliver volunteer activities for companies and businesses in which we teach through first-hand experience at the beach, the importance of the marine environment.

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EcoOcean's core volunteers

EcoOcean's core community of volunteers is recruited for a variety of projects that help our team to carry out the organization's ongoing activities. Assistance with scientific trips on the Mediterranean Explorer research vessel, leading beach cleaning tutorials, helping with inspections at the Blue Flag beaches, supporting awareness raising events during the annual summer campaign on the beaches and in a variety of on going projects.

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