About EcoOcean

EcoOcean is a non-profit Israeli organization established by the Weil family and a group of leading scientists and environmentalists in 2002. The organization’s mission is to empower people to care for the marine and coastal environment of Israel and the region. We do this by means of research, education and civic engagement. We promote marine environmental protection, to become a high priority amongst the general public and policy makers in Israel. We believe that strengthening the bond between people and the sea is the best way to protect it.

Annual newsletter

Supporting Marine Research

Marine Research at sea is costly. We own a state-of-the-art research vessel, The Mediterranean Explorer (MedEx) enhanced by an advanced ROV (Remote operated Vehicle). They serve the marine academic community at accessible costs.
The MedEx has facilitated hundreds of marine researchers over the past 16 years. It is recognized as a major cause for the surge in marine research in Israel and the growing place of the country’s Marine academic community, on the global scene.

Educational Activities

We deliver to over 20,000 citizens and pupils annually a broad range of educational activities: Marine exploration programs for schools, field tours, lectures about the man-made challenges the ocean face and workshops focused on blue innovation, climate change and sustainability. The activities invite to understand, touch, smell and feel the ocean. They are customized for a broad range of age groups and to all sectors of Israeli society.

Leading volunteer communities

We are a dedicated team of ocean lovers, but just on our own we will not be able to do enough for the ocean. The change, is created by our volunteers and activists. Together, we lead projects that are focused on expanding Marine Protected Areas, eliminating marine pollution and establishing a national network of volunteers to respond the Marine oil pollution.

Startegic Partnerships

Decision makers in key policy junctions, hold the power to influence the future of the marine environment in Israel. Whether these are coastal municipalities, government offices, planning committees or entrepreneurs. Together with our partners - environmental organizations, government offices, national and international foundations, the coastal municipalities and the communities we lead - we mobilize decision makers to prioritize and protect the environment.