Our Vision

Israel is a sea nation. Our vision for the next decade, is an Israel that flourishes side by side the marine environment. We believe that development can only exist alongside respect and deep acknowledgement of the need to nurture a functioning and healthy ocean and earth.
By supporting marine research, we aim to expand evidence-based marine conservation for Israel and the region. By delivering inclusive educational programs we promote equal opportunities and build environmental leadership that strives to bring ocean recovery and sustainable peaceful future. By leading communities of activists, we make sure that caring for the ocean in the coming decade, will become a high priority for policy makers.

Andreas Weil, EcoOcean Chair and Founder

About EcoOcean

Everyday we are more dependent on the sea. It provides us with oxygen, food, drinking water, energy, climatic regulation, shipping lanes for the transition of goods and natural landscape. Day by day, human impact on the ocean increases, threatening its ability to provide all this good. The environmental challenges we face and the threats to marine ecosystems, require people to care for the ocean . Researchers with in-depth knowledge and expertise in the marine field. A team that brings the professional abilities needed to lead innovative marine protection. This team is us, EcoOcean. We work for the marine environment together with you. For almost 20 years we have been here on the front line, looking from our center on the shoreline, to the blue horizon, devising new ways to care for it.
We're here for the sea. For the sea with all its creatures, treasures, beaches and ecosystem services - is here for us.

Arik Rosenblum, Director

The Robert Weil Family Foundation

The Robert Weil Family Foundation is Founder and long term supporter of EcoOcean. Supporting marine research, creating and offering educational programs and encouraging environmental activism embodies all what the foundation believes is needed to build a better world. Our foundation strives to play a role in the democratic development, and believes in thorough analysis, close partnerships, challenging meetings and a profound dialogue. The foundation always works on a long term vision with a focus on what brings humanity together; constant learning and shared responsibilities.

Lina Sjoquist, Secretary General

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Our Team

Arik Rosenblum


Director since 2015, Arik is a Lawyer by training. Acted as, director of operations and senior development at the Joint, director of Development and Public affairs at Tel Aviv University, director of the social start-up Takdim – the community foundation of Ramat Hasharon.

Tamar Tenenbaum

Head of Education unit

Head of Education unit, Tamar Tenenbaum has over 12 years of managing national educational youth projects in Israel and at Jewish communities in the USA, Australia and South Africa. An expert on developing innovative science education programs for elementary, middle and high schools. education@ecoocean.org

Itay Katsman

Head of Marine Operations

Started as chief engineer and oceanographic equipment technician and progressed to the become R/V captain. Has extensive experience in operating oceanographic equipment. As captain of the MedEx, Itay led academic international research expeditions to Malta, Italy and Eritrea.

Yaniv Bleicher

Head of environmental management operations

Yaniv holds a B.Sc in communication system engineering from the Ben-Gurion university. Worked over 15 years in the High Tech industry and he is a long-term environmental activist. He has vast experience in working with local municipalities and civil society organisations. Yaniv@ecocean.com

Dr. Michal Stern

A marine biologist and a PhD in brain sciences, after 10 years working in the lab Michal decided to return to the sea. She is leading the first national volunteer network for response to oil and marine pollution led by EcoOcean and the MoPE. michal.stern@ecoocean.com

Libby Leshem

Resource Development Manager

Holds an M.A inHolds a Master's degree in Management from the Catholic University of Milan, specializing in Corporate Social Responsibility, with over 10 years of experience in fundraising, partnership development, and donor relations in the field of climate crisis and environmental protection.

Einat Zukerman-Tal

Community relations direcror

M.A in environmental studies from Tel Aviv university. Over 10 years experience in leading the education and environmental units in two local authorities. Einat is also a tour guide of organized tours to the wild Savannas of Africa. Biodiversity and conservation are close to her heart. einat@ecoocean.com

Adi Makover

Marketing and volunteer manager

B.A in media, management & marketing. Over 7 years experience in marketing and media roles, working with environmental organizations, local authorities and in educational institutes. adi@ecocean.org

Dani Shlomi

Digital and social media manager

B/A in Media and Business management from the Open university. Dani run digital media units for a variety of branches in different employment arenas. She brings this experience to EcoOcean in order to promote the conservation of the Marine Environment.

Itamar Avishay

Scientific manager

Itamar holds an MA in marine ecology and is a Ph.D student in Physical Oceanography. He has 20 years experience in environmental education and marine ecology.

Jasmine Mawasi

Shared Society Co-ordinator

Jasmine holds an MA in environmental sciences from Tel Aviv university and a teachers qualification. She has 10 years experience of teaching sciences. She believes the ocean holds many wonders and it is her mission to help make them accessible to all.

Dr. Asaf Ariel

Marine and scientific consultant

PhD in environmental management and expert in coastal zone management, marine biologist, diving instructor and an experienced professional scientific diver. An avid surfer.

Board Members

Andreas Weil


Andreas studied environmental and marine sciences in Israel and the USA. He specialized in Environmental Policy in the Arava Institute. After settling in Israel he established EcoOcean in 2002 and since then he is leading the organization as chairman.

Gösta (Yosta) Tixell

Board member

Holds an M.B.A from Insead University. Yosta is a professional board member, serving in a number of public and private Israeli companies. Yosta has had a keen interest in marine matters ever since childhood, and he is an experienced skipper and a certified Dive Master.

Edna Sitruk

Board Member

A trained accountant with a master's degree in law. During her work at Intel, Edna has held a variety of positions, starting as CFO of Intel's Construction and Infrastructure Group in Israel, Europe and Russia and later managing strategic real estate projects. She currently manages and controls recruitment processes and assimilates new employees in the organization

Jonas Weil

Board Member

Jonas is an entrepreneur and investor in a variety of fields, from healthcare, through financial services to the development of advanced technologies. He is active in the philanthropic field in projects of environment, education, health and promoting tolerance. Connected to the sea from a young age he is keen sailor and a senior diver.

Prof. Hezi Gildor

Board member

Professor of Ocean and Climate Research at the Institute of Earth Sciences, The Hebrew University. Leads a research group engaged in applied oceanography focusing on performing measurements and running numerical models. In addition, Hezi advises commercial and governmental bodies on environmental and infrastructure projects.

Prof. Yossi Mart

Board member

A marine geologist, researcher of the geodynamics of the eastern Mediterranean, northern Red Sea and southern Black Sea. Yossi is also interested in climate reconstruction through researching sea levels. Served as Head of the Leon Recanati Institute of Marine Studies and Chairman of the Department of Marine Civilizations at the University of Haifa.

Prof. Beverly Goodman

Board Member

Head of the Department of Geo-Marine Sciences, University of Haifa. Areas of research Geo-archeology and the coastal environment. Specialist in sedimentology, tsunami, marine and coastal geology and human impact on the coastal environment from a geological perspective. Beverly has been selected by The National Geographic magazine as one of the 'promising researchers' of the past decade.

Dubi (David) Bartov


MBA from Tel Aviv University, currently serves as the CFO of the Israeli Antiquities Authority. He began his career in the Accountant General's Division of the Ministry of Finance, fulfilled a variety of management positions from the worlds of economics and finance to his current position. Dubi himself as having a deep and personal connection to the whole issue of sustainability and concern for the environment.

Prof. Ilana Beman-Frank

Board Member

Ilana is the head of the Leon Charney School of Marine Sciences and the director of the Laboratory of Marine Ecology and Oceanographic Biology at the University of Haifa. Ilana's research focuses on organisms that are at the base of the food web in the sea and the interactions between marine ecosystems and their environment.

Prof. Sven Beer

Board member

Sven co-founded EcoOcean together with Andreas Weil in 2002. He received his Doctorate in marine biology from Tel Aviv University and serves there to this day as Professor Emeritus as well as at Stockholm University. Specialist in marine vegetation and photosynthesis at sea, Sven has published over 130 publications in these fields.

Prof. Dani Tchernov

Board Member

Founder & Scientific Director of The M. Kahn Marine Research Station, Marine Biology Department, The Leon H.Charney School of Marine Sciences, Vice President of Resource Development & External Relations, University of Haifa. Director of the Deep Med research group. Published hundreds of scientific publications in marine biology, expert on coral reefs and climate change.

Rani Idan

Board Member

Rani managed the Mevo-ot Yam marine high school and established the aquaculture department there. He later founded the Marine College which became the Faculty of Marine Sciences of the Ruppin Academic Center. Rani was a partner in the establishment of EcoOcean and was part of the team that brought the RV Mediterranean Explorer to Israel.

Amitai Selbst

Board Member

Amitai is the Co Founder of Global Quality, a company specialized is 'Smart Home' solutions. Amitai holds an MS in Industrial Engineering from Ben Gurion University, and MBA from George Washington University.

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