Researching the Ocean

EcoOcean supporting marine sciences in Israel


Research at sea is an expensive endeavor. EcoOcean has been supporting marine research in Israel for more than 18 years. We do this by providing the services of the Mediterranean Explorer research vessel (the Medex), at accessible costs. The Medex, is used by the Israeli marine research community to discover and deepen its knowledge of the Israeli Sea. The hundreds of studies conducted on board of the MedEx, revolutionized marine research in Israel and positioned it as a rising force on the global arena.

At EcoOcean, we place emphasis on state-of -the-Art equipment and sampling means that minimize the damage to the marine environment. The MedEx is equipped with a laboratory on board, a remotely operate vehicle (ROV), a crane, dedicated research equipment and sophisticated means of collection and sampling. The MedEx can serve one-day and over a week-long expeditions. It is truly an optimal platform for marine research.

Marine Research Platforms

Research Projects

TASCMAR - Medicine from the ocean

Tools And Strategies to access original bioactive compounds from Cultivation of Marine invertebrates and associated symbionts. Chosen as one of the exemplary projects of Horizon 2020 program.

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Odyssea - Digital Mediterranean

A Horizon 2020 project aimed at developing, a platform that fully integrates networks of observing and forecasting systems across the Mediterranean basin, addressing both the sea and the coast.

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Plastic Pollution - East Mediterranean Coast

The first study to outline the the problem of marine plastic waste in Israel. The pioneering research paved the way for legislative and practical solutions.

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Rocky Habitats

Action Plan for Protecting the Biodiversity of the Rocky Habitats in the Mediterranean Sea and Along the Coast of Israel. Why is it so important?

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Sharks and Rays in Israel

Sharks and Rays Conservation Action Plan for Israel. What do we know about these creatures and what can we do to protect them?

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