National and International partnerships to bring positive impact for the marine environment.


Some of the most influential junctions on the fate of the marine environment are in the hands of decision makers. From local authorities that maintain beaches, to government offices that outline environmental policies, establish binding standards, allocate resources for environmental protection and define areas as nature reserves. We work together with all of these stake holders to influence and give strength and power to the protection of the marine and coastal environment in Israel.

תמונת דגל כחול שותפויות

The Blue Flag Program

We represent the international Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). The Blue Flag program operates in over 4600 beaches and marinas globally. FEE helps us to facilitate an important partnership with the coastal Municipalities. We engage and recruit them to protect the marine environment by using FEE's international 'Blue Flag' renowned eco-label. EcoOcean accredit and inspect an average of 50 beaches annually. Under the Blue Flag program the following standards need to be adhered: Water Quality, Environmental management, Safety and services, Social responsibility, Environmental education information and Responsible operation around wildlife.

Clean Beach Program

EcoOcean and the Ministry of Protection of the Environment (MoPE) have led the country for the past 3 years, in the 'Clean Beach' program under the slogan of 'Single-use plastic not in my sea'. Our digital joint media campaigns with the MoPE have reached over 2,000,000 annually for the past 3 years. EcoOcean carries out the awareness raising activities in the beaches as part of the campaign. Our coordinated efforts began the change for cleaner beaches as reported for the second year in a row by the MoPE monitoring report.

The Mediterranean people

The Mediterranean People is a coalition of environmental organizations in Israel that supports a network of local communities campaigning for the protection of the Mediterranean Sea from its current pressures vis-à-vis the establishment of regulated marine protected areas (MPAs). The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, TZalul, Eco-Ocean, Delphi, and the Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority are the organizations partnered with ANU in this initiative for preservation of the Mediterranean Israeli sea.

The Coastal Municipalities Forum

The Coastal Municipalities Forum unites Israel’s 22 coastal authorities. The forum is a platform which enables discussion and development of principle and practice that concern the coastal authorities. The forum is used for peer learning, exchange of views and ideas and also represents the coastal authorities before decision makers and regulators. EcoOcean as an organization that works with coastal authorities in a variety of environmental coastal and marine management programs, the forum is a significant partner in advancing and developing issues of protecting and conserving the marine and coastal environment in Israel.

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