For over a decade Ecoocean has lead in the field of marine environmental education in Israel. The Educational department of Ecoocean aims to promote and nurture the marine and coastal environment through education and informational activities.

We believe that through exposure to the wonders of the sea, and the impact of man on the marine environment we can help and persuade society to take action.

Most of the activities take place at “Megalim”, a center designed and dedicated for marine and environmental sciences at Kibbutz Sdot Yam. At the center we have microscopes, a water table, audiovisual equipment and other special equipment used for teaching marine sciences and coastal marine environment.

Alongside the activities at the “Megalim” center the organization operates educational programs that include a series of meetings on the subject of the marine environment in schools across the country.

The Organization supports and promotes marine research in the country, using the organization’s research vessel. We have extensive knowledge, experience and resources that allow us to expose students to the foreground of marine research. The teaching staff in the Educational Department consists of academics in the fields of marine and environment studies. The activities are rich and diversified suitable to a variety of ages, from kindergarten through elementary school, junior high and high school and also to the general public.