If you have questions about our educational activities, the use of research equipment, possible collaborations and/or any other ecological interest – please contact us:

EcoOcean office

 Tel: 04-6364268

Fax: 04-6364625

Mailing address: EcoOcean organization, Kibbutz Sdot Yam, 3780400, Israel
E-Mail: office@ecoocean.org

Arik Rosenblum– CEO

Tel: +972-(0)4-6364268

Mobile: +972-(0)54-6615114

E-Mail: arik@ecoocean.org

Education Department

Tel: +972-(0)4-6364485

E-Mail: education@ecoocean.org

Dr. Asaf Ariel– Science officer

Tel: +972-(0)4-6364268

E-Mail: asaf@ecoocean.org

Itay Katzman– Marine Operations Manager

Tel:  +972-(0)4-6364268

E-mail:    itay@ecoocean.com

Adi Makover– Marketing and Communication Manager

Tel:  +972-(0)4-6364268

E-Mail: adi@ecoocean.org

Michal Wimmer Luria – Shore Operations Manager

Tel:  +972-(0)4-6364268

E-Mail: michal@ecoocean.com