One of EcoOcean’s main objectives is to promote marine research in Israel.

The main tool used to accomplish this goal, is our research vessel The R/V Mediterranean Explorer.

The Mediterranean Explorer was launched at the OCEA Shipyard in France in 2004. The vessel was custom built according to specific requirements for marine research in the Mediterranean area and is equipped with extensive marine research equipment.

The Mediterranean Explorer was constructed in aluminum, keeping fuel and operating costs low. The vessel was built and is maintained according to the standards of BUREAU VERITAS.  The Specifications for the vessels research capabilities are carried out in consultation with marine researchers, in order to meet their needs as best as possible.

Marine science students from high educational institutions visit the vessel in order to practice modern research methodologies (Read about our international workshops). EcoOcean allows the use of the vessel by academic research entities at subsidized costs. This is one way for EcoOcean to promote environmental marine research in our region.     

Since coming to Israel in the summer of 2004, hundreds of researchers from research institutions around the world and thousands of Israeli students have had the opportunity to go to sea, to explore and learn on the deck of an effective and modern research tool. The vessel has sailed thousands of nautical miles to the edges of the Mediterranean and Red Sea.

Since the beginning of its operations, we are proud that the R/V Mediterranean Explorer has helped advance the field of marine science in Israel.