EcoOcean supports a variety of unbiased research projects that focuses on investigating and monitoring the health of the marine habitats. EcoOcean believes that the more marine research taking place, the better the understanding of the environmental issues facing our oceans. Change in public awareness and policy making requires unbiased scientific data. EcoOcean believes that even scientists with limited resources should be able to perform their research on a state of the art research vessel.  The organizations main tool for supporting research is the research vessel, the R/V Mediterranean Explorer. EcoOcean also operates state of the art Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). 

EcoOcean’s scientific board scrutinizes researchers requests for “ship time”, assuring that the only approved research projects are those seeking information for the advancement of healthy marine and human life.  When a research project fits EcoOcean’s objectives, “ship time” is granted with full or partial subsidy by EcoOcean.  The Mediterranean Explorer has taken part in numerous research projects from as far as Eritrea in the in the south Red Sea to the Black Sea in the north. Scientists from institutes all over the world have worked onboard the “Medex”.