‘Megalim’ is the environmental educational center of EcoOcean and is located in Kibbutz Sdot Yam near Caesarea.

‘Megalim’ Center is the main educational tool of the organization in which we offer a wide range of educational activities focusing on the biology and marine ecology, conservation of coastal and marine environment and more. At the Center, students and the general public are invited to discover, explore and experience the Mediterranean habitats and the various creatures living there, based upon a hands-on experience while observing, touring and playing.

Part of the experience of disclosure, is shown in the water table at the center which simulates the Mediterranean. Here you can observe animals up close and discover life in the marine environment.

Microscopes are used to observe tiny sea creatures such as plankton, algae and zooxanthellae, how they share and co-operate the same area together. Be impressed by the treasures from the sea and see the exhibit of natural and artificial treasures expelled from the sea .Also at the center, there is a fully equipped training class with audio-visual and laboratory equipment used for experiments. A skilled training team is composed of academics and students in biology and marine environment.

You are invited to view the variety of activities we offer and plan your next visit.